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Our consumers

The professional sector

At Sutter, the art of communication and image promotion has been a distinctive feature since 1879, with the creation of the first billboards and advertising graphics.
During the 20th century, the list of gadgets and promotional objects made is never-ending: from the timetables of the Italian Railways to calendars, from diaries to illustrated figurines, from wall clocks to decorative lamps, from board games to comic strips.
The intention was to make our brand known throughout all of Italy by any means even by using fully equipped vans.

Shop counter display stand for MARGA shoe polish - 1939


Board game, the “Marga's Tombola” given as a gift - Giochi Lasco - 1939


Decorative lamp designed by the Pagot brothers - 1950


Gift box with colour crayons - 1960s


Toy models distributed free of charge for promotion of the EMULSIO brand - 1960s


Company mascot “Simeone the rabbit” – 1965


Cover of the book created by the Sutter company about its 150-year history - 2008

Our advertisements, videos and tutorials

The first promotional spots date back to 1930 and in 1959 Sutter arrived on Italian television with its first Carosello (TV advertising programme lasting 10/15 minutes) presenting its products to the general public and viewers.
For the consumer market, television campaigns would continue over the years, up to the most modern advertisements of Emulsio.
At Sutter Professional, the communication is addressed directly to users, distributors, cleaning companies, the world of Ho.re.ca and all those engaged in professional cleaning.
All this is done through informative and technical materials, video tutorials, participation in initiatives, events and thematic conferences.
The desire to communicate does not stop here, that is why with Sutter, Emulsio and Sutter Professional we are also active in co-marketing activities, on the web and on social media.